Membership Details

Student Membership

Membership fee ₹500
  • All students in the allied sciences field ,interested in sport can make an application to the association.
  • Membership fee ₹500. The student membership can mature to regular membership after graduating from the course with an additional fee of ₹ 2000.

Life Membership

Membership fee ₹2500
  • Masters in Sports Nutrition.
  • Masters in sports psychology/sports medicine/sports physiotherapy
  • Post Graduate diploma in sports science and nutrition
  • IOC diploma in sports nutrition
  • Bachelors in sports nutrition and allied sciences
  • Physical education teachers with Masters in physical education.

Associate Membership

Membership fee ₹5000
  • Members of Sports Federations
  • Members of NADA(National anti-doping agency)
  • Post Graduate diploma in sports science and nutrition
  • Members with professional experience in the field of sports-sportspersons, coaches, trainers.
  • Entrepreneurs in the field of sports nutrition and allied sciences.

Invited Membership

ASNFS is proud to have support from esteemed organizations/individuals working in the sports sector and we invite Elite/Iconic sports persons, Officials of Sports federations, Sports media persons/ writers, Government representatives of various sports to join our association and create an even better impact.